Romanian Translations

Our company, Grafitgroup, carries out many different types of translations
We provide high-quality, accurate translations. Each one of our translators has a different field of specialization.
We value quality, each word is analysed and each possible choice of words is carefully weighed.
We take pride in our thoroughness.
Upon request we handle the authentification (apostille or certification) of documents.
We always ensure document confidentiality and we guarantee that texts received will not be used for other purposes, these aspects are also set down in the contracts we sign with our clients.

Our rates are as folows:

  • $7-$10 per 400 words, literary translations
  • $8.5 per 400 words, for technical, medical, juridical/legal translations
  • $7 per 400 words, for economic translations
  • $6 other texts (letters, children storybooks without literary value, etc)
  • In the case of short deadlines rush rates are applied. A rush rate implies a 30% charge above the regular rate.

Two translators are assigned to each project. Besides being supervised by an English language specialist, the translation is also carried out by a translator specialized in the given field.

Turnaround time and lead time for translation projects:
Normally our work rate is of 10 pages per day (4000 words). At least one day is added for supervising/stylizing the translated text. The complexity of supervision for the translation from/to Romanian depends on the text. The length of time neccesary is stated in the contract. We can send the translation by email upon the client's request.

Receiving/Sending of texts
Texts are sent either via email, or by mail (except for original documents), or they are handed to us directly (Bucharest).

Payment and payment options
As we only work on a contract basis we do not require a down payment. A lump sum is payed upon receiving the translated text.
The tranlation is payed for via bank transfer, in cash, online by credit card or via paypal

We accept dictionaries of terms provided by the client, for rare translations that cannot be easily placed in a category (for example Romanian translations to/from a certain religion).
We can carry out desktop publishing so that the Romanian/English translation page looks just like the source text.
If you do not have any material in English and you need a text in Romanian anyway (e.g. for a letter) we can compose the Romanian text directly following your written indications.

We glady honor all orders, nu translation is too small, but we also look forward to special English/Romanian translations (for instance literary texts) so we can reveal our entire capability.

We specialize in Romanian/English lessons and translations

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